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finishes you desire
can be done in any
color combinations
you prefer!
Old World Stairway
Shabby chic dining room with  faux metallic ceiling.
This owner wanted a very dramatic look. We've
also done this finish in other colors and much less
Old tuskany stenciled
powder room
Rustico copper and bronze
powder room
Faux New
Orleans style
brick with faux
Unique ceiling done
in copper shabby
Faux master bedroom ceiling
A gold metallic and
lusterstone foyer
copper modello stencil over
Faux barrel ceiling
Mantovano italian plaster ceiling
Cloudy-like faux on barrel
ceiling in master bedroom
Faux aged copper dome with
drywall post fauxed to look like an
old wood beam
An awesome metallic
Focal wall in sitting area
Bath 1 - Old world stone look
Chocolate colored European plaster. This
again can be done in just about any color
and any sheen level. This particular wall
has a very high sheen level. You can see
the light reflecting.
A faux finished focal area
A niche, ceiling cove and columns
Niche fauxed
Faux marble columns in
master bath
A simple faux linen or denim can add a
soft look to any room. Very similar to
Beachy fade-away bedroom
Multiple layers of bronze, gold and
espresso colored metallics were
troweled on these walls for a deep
rich feel and a ceiling modello was
done in complementing metallics
This ceiling features multiple
layers of metallics as an inset
bordered by faux painted ostrich
skin.  Walls are an old world
texture with copper accents
a very simple but elegant finish
done with metallic paint
This is a multi layer modello done with a
glaze and bordered by metallics.  Awesome
Walls with an Attitude
Decorative faux finishes, European plasters, cabinets, furniture, custom art, murals and more
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Silver starburst
A simple glazed ceiling with
dramatic black crown
Some of our South Florida
work done with Jennifer
Lewis of Alchemy in Art
Ono Island project
Martinique home we did a couple years
ago...master bath and bedroom, guest
bath, stairwell,living area accent wall and
dining area accent wall.
This is a huge
mansion we had
the honor of
working on. What
an amazing
project! We aged
large overhead
beams, turned
fiberglass columns
into wood,
limewashed all
main area walls,
handpainted a
ceiling, did a
custom finish on
the study cabinetry
and did a gold
dome in the
master bath. Not
to mention many
doors and furniture
We faux finished almost
every square inch of this
home including cabinetry
and fireplaces. Also
painted all trim and doors.
A home we did
in Elberta, AL
Troweled lusterstone finish
family room
done with a
slight texture
and glaze.
Faux woodgrain in dining room
A beautiful, dramatic
focal wall we did in
This ceiling was
constructed by JL
Loper...We were
given the opportunity
to design and create
the finishing touches.
This is a glaze,
custom stencils and
real 14 Carat gold
Old world plaster look
A decorative aged stucco finish done
on an otherwise overwhelming wall
Various finishes we've done over the years