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Penthouse at
Beach Club

Foyer with spiral staircase to
the second floor after the
wallpaper was removed.
Notice the white handrail
This is the foyer after our
finishes.  We did our
signature "Margarita" old villa
and mustard seed lusterstone
on the walls, added an
espresso accent band within
the crown molding and
woodgrained the handrail and
entrance doors.
An overall view of the living area and
the kitchen showing the beautiful
mustard colored walls with the
espresso band within the crown
In the dining area a modello was used
to create a decorative accent above
the chandelier.  We changed color of
the chandelier from silver to bronze
and added custom shades to better fit
with the rest of the furnishings
White steel exterior
of  entrance doors
Doors after woodgraining!
Before shot of kitchen...
Cabinets were in good condition
but dated.  Take note of the island
front, it is plywood, and the white
closet door.
Kitchen after....We painted and glazed
the cabinets to give them a custom
look and painted, glazed,stenciled, and
did a bronze highlight on the island to
give it a custom cabinet look.  We gave
the closet doors the same treatment as
the cabinets
We also did a glazed green accent cabinet and added
a decorative element to the front of it....all for a
fraction of the cost of replacing or refacing
Turquoise Place
Glassbead waterfall finish done with metallic paints, halogram foil and glassbead!
          This finished graced the cover of Condo Owner magazine!
Lightly textured ceiling with 5 color
Two levels of metallics with
glassbead accent
Metallic ceiling and custom
made foiled mirror frame
harlequin type faux to match
pattern in coverlet
This is the original, flat
builders beige which was
very hard to clean
Not only is this condo now more cheerful, the walls are
much easier to take care of and will look great for a
long time.
Master bedroom focal wall done with 2
Master bath now feels like a spa compared to the flat beige
Beautiful yellow bedroom with a sunset focal wall....perfect
to make quests feel like they are truly on vacation.  This
focal wall is more affordable than it looks
The guest bath is a colorful
underwater mural scene.
The owner wanted something unique and
wild in the laundry closet...beachy mural
FauxBrown suede above a wet bar
Metallic master bedroom focal wall
Faux and Lusterstone compliment
each other nicely
Before faux walls were a flat wallpaint
that was hard to keep clean (and
showed everything)
After faux glaze treatment
Lusterstone gives the cabinets a
much richer look
This finish gives the place a much
richer look even with the same
Before faux
This finish is subtle but the color is striking
Another shot of the master bath
Purple Parrot
Sign after walls with an attitude!
Sign after Ivan
Faux leather floor
Italian plaster
Custom color lusterstone sets this condo apart from the rest, we also did
veneziano columns, Travertino archway and faux leather floor!
This is on a 20 foot
We call this the tin can!
Everyone loves it!
Same type of wall in
condo next door
Pool blue veneziano focal wall in
master bedroom
Wow..Living room after faux glaze
Nice kitchen before
Nice living room before
Wow kitchen now
Grand Point
Bar area with faux
leather glaze
Living area focal wall done with
subtle stripe and complementing
leather accenting
A couple of our first cabinet re-makes
Kitchen before
Kitchen after
Damaged cabinets
Refinished cabinets
Before -  Dark beach condo
After - cheery beach condo kitchen
Blue Heron accent
The owner of this condo wanted to
feel good when they visited...and
they weren't afraid of color
This is faux ostrich skin...not
real budget friendly but great in
a small space.  The owner also
replaced the flourescent
fixture...made a hugh difference
Bland condo
wall before
Walls with an attitude
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The cabinets are lost on the yellow