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The Focal Wall is back and it's better
than ever!
Not all finishes shown here were
completed by Walls with an Attitude
Beautiful but dark hickory cabinets before
Same cabinets now in soft white
Paint! Don't replace your cabinets
Hard to
believe this is
the same
This is a high end home but
the cabinetry and flooring
was quite dated. We gave
the cabinets a wake up call
with a bright white finish
We worked with a builder on this
kitchen. He took out some of the
cabinets and built floating shelves. We
used paints and stains to match them
to the above beams. We also did the
beams. They started as the same stain
color as the cabinets were.
This type of
cabinetry used to
be quite popular
but most of them
have turned a
pinkish color by
now. Since they are
so well built it's a
shame to take them
out. We used a
bight white in this
We replaced the doors in this kitchen and painting
the framework and doors to match...Looks like a
brand new kitchen. This is in a rental condo...I'm
sure quests are happier in the new kitchen!
We don't cut corners when it comes to refinishing your cabinets! We remove all doors and drawer fronts, clean,
sand and prime everything! Then paint everything with high quality paint, sanding between coats. We spray all
our doors and drawer fronts for a beautiful fine finish. Give us a call today....you'll be glad you did!!

251-609-3371 or 251-213-4004